Global Warming Scare is Over: Where Are You Tom Udall?

 Posted:  October 15, 2014

The global mean temperature has not risen for 18 consecutive years.

Despite a 9% rise in CO2 emissions, there has been no rise in global temperatures.

The linked article below is for those who still cling to old science in general and to Tom Udall, in particular.

If the temperature is not rising after 18 years, shouldn’t we reconsider this global warming, climate change mantra?

Those of us who are non-believers, and believe that temperatures change and climates change irrespective of what mankind does or doesn’t do, just wish you guys would put solar on your house, windmills on your back yard, and buy horses and buggies.

We can tolerate your eccentricities. Maybe you should tolerate ours? Isn’t that the fairness you so want?

Full article here >>>.

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