Goldman Sachs and Wall Street No Stranger to Tom Udall

 Posted:  June 9, 2014 is a non-partisan operation that keeps track of who is giving money to politicians and how much they are giving. The results they come up, just reporting the numbers, are often quite startling.

In 2010, just after Tom Udall got elected, it was reported in this article that Tom Udall was in the top 20 biggest recipients of money from Goldman Sachs and its employees. Co-incidentally, Mark Udall of Colorado, was also in the top 20.

Another newer article linked below, from Gateway Pundit, shows that in 2014 Democrats have raised more money than Republicans in large numbers from financial institutions and Wall Street. It states that Democrats have outspent Republicans 7 to 1 in some races.

Bigger government leads to bigger collusion and crony capitalism between politicians, big banks, and the Federal Reserve.

These reportings are nothing new. There is much info on the Web about President Obama’s deep Wall Street, Big Bank, Insurance company ties. In the old days you might have safely assumed that the Republican Party were the villains and were owned by big business. The Republicans are still owned by big business, but just not as much as the Democrats.

When Tom Udall plays his “I am for the people” cassette, remind him that most of his money comes from big business, lawyers, big unions, Wall Street and too big to fail banks.

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