Good Riddance Eric Cantor

 Posted:  September 4, 2014

This sort of thing happens all the time in Washington D.C., both parties. The linked article below reveals that recently ousted Eric Cantor, a high up in the Republican Party, has taken a new job with a Wall Street Investment Bank.

The revolving door between Washington and Wall Street continues and we are pleased that the voters of Virginia kicked this bum out.

There are many more instances of a much too cozy relationship between our representatives and big money boys.

There is a far too big correlation between going to Congress and leaving a multimillionaire.

There is too much temptation of power and money for mere mortals to resist.

Do your representatives a favor and let them only serve one term. No matter how good a job they convince you that they are doing for you, it is better policy to take their power and prestige away.

Don’t pay for their job training in Wall Street and too big to fail banks.

Crony capitalism is a disease that both political parties have and voters can cure the disease at the voting booth – if they have the determination to just say no.

Full article here >>>.

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