Governor Susana Martinez Says President and Congress to Blame For Border Crisis

 Posted:  July 10, 2014

Martinez says of the crisis “That it is caused, at least in part, as the byproduct of mixed signals from the Federal Government on immigration … immigrants flood across the border – or parents drop off their children there – expecting the U.S. Federal Government to throw up its hands and let them in. That’s not an immigration policy, that’s a FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP.”

Other representatives were asked in the Albuquerque Journal article about their views.

Michelle Lujan-Grisham blamed Republicans and demanded a vote on immigration. That standard response presumes that the immigration system is broken rather than addressing the need to control the border. The problem is not the immigration system. The U.S. has a legal immigration system and could refine that system. The problem is people coming across our borders and living in this country illegally, living here and straining social systems, living here and bringing health and crime issues with them. Legalizing everyone here and not addressing the open borders policies we now have will do nothing to solve the problem. There will always be people from all over the world who want to come here and don’t care about following laws in place.

Ben Ray Lujan gives his standard answer. Bypass and disregard the U.S. Constitution. Just let the President act like a King and sign a piece of paper and bypass all the millions of U.S. voters who do not agree with open borders and want the Federal government to do what they are supposed to do.

There is no opinion here from Steve Pearce who represents people closest to the border and living in Artesia that are directly influenced by the crisis.

There is no opinion from Tom Udall who scores an “F” on border and immigration issues by Numbers U.S.A. and repeatedly bashes opponents for not caving in and making everyone here a citizen. He is definitely not helpful to any discussion of the topic because he is too involved with looking for votes and satisfying La Raza.

There is no chance for Allen Weh, Republican running against Tom Udall, to give his assessment of the issue.

Governor Martinez has been elected to run New Mexico. The Federal government and Congress are to blame for the situation. If borders were secure there would never have been a run on them and the President wouldn’t be begging to Congress for another 3-4 billion to clean up the mess he has helped perpetrate.

The situation continues to fester because residents of New Mexico remain apathetic and elect a Congressional delegation that stop all efforts to maintain the integrity of the borders and look for every opportunity to make legal that which is illegal.

But why should we expect mere politicians to care about things like the law, even if most of them are lawyers?

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