Grandstanding: A Staple of Tom Udall’s Diet

 Posted:  June 4, 2014

The only question Tom Udall asks is “How can we help students who will vote for me if I give them the illusion I am saving them money?”

Questions we ask on this Website are: 1) Should the Feds be making student loans in the first place? 2) Why do student loans pay for trips on Spring Break? 3) Why does a college grad with a Master’s have to work at Family Dollar? 4) Why do Universities have all these capital improvements to be paid for by student dollars when all they need is a library and lecture hall? 5) Why do so many college students drop out and then don’t pay their student loans? 6) Why can a student in a low demand field such as Archeology borrow money as easily as a student in Nursing? 7) Why does the taxpayer have to pay for loans going delinquent and unpaid? 8) Is Congress just going to bailout the student loan industry like Wall Street, the insurance and medical companies in ObamaCare etc., the mortgage defaults of Fannie and Freddie?

The questions go on, but answers are not even being considered by Tom Udall and other Congressmen. We want our Reps. to think harder than we do, but it appears they don’t think at all.

“Today, we failed and the nation’s student’s pay the costs of that failure,” Udall said.

There are lots of things Udall doesn’t answer, things answered in the articles linked below. Before you pull the trigger and give away your vote, you might do a little research.

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