Gun Control is Ready to Shift Focus

 Posted:  September 19, 2014

The linked article below is interesting because it recognizes a few truths:

  1. Big scary guns used to be the focus of gun control advocates.

  2. There is an explosion of handguns in the U.S. as citizens want to protect themselves.

  3. Little handguns are involved in more incidents than the more glamorous weapons.

  4. Gun deaths have been declining steadily over the past twenty years as gun sales have
    increased – so, how come with more guns we have less crimes?

  5. Of the 30 gun deaths in the U.S. per day, one half are blacks.

  6. Suicides also account for a huge percentage of the 30 gun deaths per day.

  7. Congress reacts to mass shootings but doesn’t seem to care about the correlation between blacks, poverty, inner city and gang violence, drug and guns etc.

Tom Udall is a 100% gun control advocate. He not only wants to restrict gun sales to law abiding citizens, but wants the United Nations to control 2nd amendment rights in the U.S. He has a long time disastrous record with the NRA and Gunowners of America and a history of being soft on prosecuting and sentencing criminals who use guns in crimes.

If gun control is your number one or number two issue, regardless of your party, you DON’T want to VOTE FOR TOM UDALL.

Full article here >>>.

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