Harry Reid and Tom Udall Have Their Own “Koch Addiction”

 Posted:  August 13, 2014

There has been much made about the Koch Brothers by Tom Udall and Harry Reid. Apparently they can’t run on real issues and have to create some “demons”, some “straw men” to give them something to campaign on.

The Koch Brothers, as we are reminded of by our Website visitors, are part of the Evil Empire, billionaires who want to destroy life in America, the same America where they hire people, pay wages, pay taxes, and provide a service and product that people are willing to pay for. The fact that they have wealth is not to be questioned. The fact that they give money to politicians who advance their ideals is not to be questioned. Their right to do so is also unquestioned.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says the “rich need not apply” or “can’t participate in politics by giving money to their causes.”

What is odd is that Tom Udall and Harry Reid have their own billionaire supporters.

The linked article’s video is about Tom Streyer who also helps Mark Udall in Colorado, part of the Udall dynasty.

We have not even talked yet about George Soros, another billionaire who makes his money by collapsing economies and buying and selling currencies. He finances lots of liberal groups who are as much Evil Empire as the Koch Brothers and also promote a progressive socialist agenda. Tom Udall belongs to these groups and also supports their agenda (check “About Tom Udall” on this Website – political ideology section).

So, in the interest of “fairness”, a favorite phrase of Tom Udall and Harry Reid, we propose they stop pointing the finger at other “demons” and look at their own “demons”.

We think the word that describes it closest is “HYPOCRISY”.

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