Harvard Poll Shows Young Voters Prefer GOP to Dems

 Posted:  October 31, 2014

This would be less shocking if it came from a pollster with conservative credentials. Since it comes form a citadel of liberal thought and action, this Harvard poll is impressive.

Their recent poll showed that young people are not excited about the Democrats and not excited about Obama whom they supported just a few years back.

We can understand that. Why would you be thrilled about an economy with no jobs, part time hours, lower money to buy more expensive goods? Why would you like to pay for the older folks Social Security and Healthcare? Why would you want to get involved in the Middle East war scenario, yet again? Why would you like to have to stay at home with mom and dad because you have been interviewing for months and owe thousands of dollars on student loans? Why do you like the Federal government screening your mail, listening to your phone conversations, and snooping into your private business? Do you think your future is going to be rosy and prosperous?

Tom Udall is a traditional Democrat and has voted for all kinds of fancy sounding bills that say they are fixing problems, but just pass out money and benefits to core groups that support his campaigns and hurt young people, like you.

If you believe in 100% abortion on demand or 100% confiscation of guns, as your only issue, you can vote safely for Tom Udall. If you believe the fight for gay rights trumps the need for a booming healthy economy that puts people back to work and helps the poor and minorities, a vote for Tom Udall is okay. If you believe that New Mexico land needs to be taken by the Feds and the Sage Grouse is more important than supporting the oil and gas industry in New Mexico that provides a third of the revenue needing to run New Mexico State government, Tom Udall is your man.

The younger generation, thank goodness, can read the tea leaves and aren’t going down with the ship.

The voters we don’t get are the gray haired ones with pony tails, tattoos, driving Volvos, and sporting peace symbols on their bumpers.

When are they going to grow up?

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