Healthcare Inflation is Going Up

 Posted:  September 5, 2014

Tom Udall and the Democrats pushed the idea that healthcare costs would go down if the country only passed the Affordable Care Act. They couldn’t get the opposing party to vote for their flawed ideas so they begged, bought, and stole votes to give us ObamaCare – called the “Affordable Care Act”.

The only problem is that ObamaCare doesn’t control costs, adds a few more people to the healthcare system, pushes a lot of costs onto states as unfunded mandates, forces people to pay for other people’s insurance (young pay for old), takes people away from their doctors and hospitals, and altogether changes the health care system in the U.S.

As the linked article below describes, healthcare costs are going up and they are driven by three factors:

  1. The slowness of the economic recovery hurts government revenues.
  2. More people covered runs up costs.
  3. The population is aging and will require more costly interventions.

Healthcare will accelerate (inflate) at a rate of 6 to 7% a year for the next decade.

Healthcare will consume more and more of Federal, state, and local budgets.

So, the bottom line is that Tom Udall gave us a flawed piece of legislation that didn’t solve the problem, costs is more money, and drags down the economy.

We think he should be held accountable; don’t you?

When you can’t get coverage, lose your doctor, have a bigger co-pay, have to pay for coverage you don’t need, see your doctor not take Medicaid or Medicare patients, have to wait months to see a specialist, can’t get a test your provider thinks you need because it isn’t covered, give Tom Udall’s office a call in Washington D.C.

Tom Udall has your back – doesn’t he?

Full article here >>>.

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