Here Are Over Three-Hundred and Fifty Reasons to Not Vote For Tom Udall

 Posted:  September 28, 2014

The linked page below is from this Website,

There have been daily postings for months on this site, along with linked articles, that evaluate Tom Udall’s performance, his ideology, his votes and his campaign.

You can pick any article, any title.

What Tom Udall says and what Tom Udall does are two very different and very contradictory things.

He might represent you if you have money, drive a fancy car, live in a world where global warming is the most important issue on the planet. However, if you work for a living, drive a transportation car, and are tired of the rich getting richer, Tom Udall isn’t your guy.

You know better than to believe politicians and Tom Udall has been a politician all his life.

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