Here Are Some of the Books and Ideas on the Bookshelves of Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich

 Posted:  July 7, 2014

Read what they are reading to see what they have in mind for you.

The linked article below on David Foreman, founder of Earth First, explains where our environmental representatives are getting their ideas. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich come off as poster boys for the environmental movement that most rank and file voters don’t fully follow. Martin Heinrich was and is a follower of David Foreman and Tom Udall does fundraisers for the man, and some of his groups.

David Foreman is a U.S. environmentalist and co-founder of the radical environmental movement Earth First (Wikipedia’s words). Growing tired in the 1970’s of the cautious environmental organizations who lobbied Congress he turned to developing groups that used industrial sabotage to achieve their goals. He was arrested by the FBI for conspiracy to sabotage a powerline feeding a water pumping station in Arizona. He was also the founder of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance that was huge in confiscating 500,000 acres of Southern New Mexico in the recent Udall/Heinrich land grab.

Interesting enough, Foreman quit the group he founded because it had been infiltrated by Marxists and Anarchists, a development (to his credit) that didn’t bode well.

It is clear that Udall and Heinrich, who are Marxists, remained associated with the group.

If you think environmentalism is just keeping corporations from making messes, you are only part correct. Environmentalism, as practiced by Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, is all about using the Endangered Species Act, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air and Water Act and other federal legislation to control growth and control use of resources towards their own philosophical agendas.

There are reasons New Mexico, rich in natural resources, is still one of the poorest and most impoverished states in the country.

A little environmentalism is helpful, but the big doses we have been getting from our non-representatives is hurting local communities and local citizens.

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