Here is a 501c Organization Tom Udall Can Investigate – the NFL!

 Posted:  September 24, 2014

Tom Udall worries about football helmets and NFL football players involved in domestic abuse.

He is worried about political 501c groups and knows how to get the IRS involved.

So, here is a project made for him.

The NFL is, believe it or not, classified as a “Not for Profit Business League” organization. That means they don’t pay taxes!

This is such an egregious flaw in the tax system that everyone should be mad. The NFL makes millions in profit a year and the owners have a cash cow in their Beverly Hills back yards.

This is Tom Udall’s chance to do something useful since he can control the tax code Constitutionally.

What we wonder is whether we can charge the NFL backpay for taxes. That could help pay down the national debt?

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