Here is a Book You Won’t Enjoy But You Will Wake Up After You Read It

 Posted:  August 30, 2014 reads books. We follow all kinds of trends in world and domestic affairs and there is an entire section on the U.S. Police State in our Battleground Issues arena. The Police State is to be seen all over the U.S. and it doesn’t just affect minorities, gangsters, thugs, and someone else. The power of the Federal government is seen in your local police force as the SWAT teams always seem to be on television. The combination of Republicans and Democrats (including Tom Udall by the way) have tightened their grip on our privacy, our movement, our right to assemble and associate, and our money. It is only beginning as they have declared the U.S. a Military Battleground in the war on Islam.

This book is a good read and backs up all the info on this Website. Don’t think that the Republicans and Right are the bad guys. In recent decades we have seen the Democrats, especially the progressive Democrats, get real comfortable with telling you what to eat, which Doctor you can see, who you can give your money too (political donations), and whether you can be whisked away without a trial, due process, or a phone call.

Regardless of your ideas about what a government should or shouldn’t do, we don’t want to fear our government like we do now.

The totalitarian spirit is alive and well in Congress and we fear the left more than the right.

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