Here is One of the People Tom Udall Wants to Shut Up

 Posted:  October 1, 2014

Tom Udall likes to shut down opposition.

He doesn’t want to debate.

He doesn’t do town halls.

He doesn’t do press conferences without a bunch of blue suits around him.

He lambasts his opponents as being “Tea Party”.

He gets the IRS after political groups he deems “dangerous”.

He tries to change the Constitution which actually protects us.

He uses his money to promote his agenda and push out opposing ideas.

Marita Noon is a lady who has a message that Tom Udall doesn’t like. Fortunately, she has allies and can’t be shut up.

Why do we need a representative who hides from us, talks doublespeak, fabricates a record he doesn’t have, and tries to shut us down?

We don’t.

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