Here We Go Again on Global Warming …

 Posted:  June 4, 2014

The other day the Obama Administration announced plans to go ahead and pursue the destruction of the coal industry without the support of Congress – who doesn’t support this plan. Using his idea of Executive privilege as reason to go ahead, President Obama and his dedicated supporters plan to pursue policies that WILL cost jobs, raise the cost of electricity to Americans, and create new regulations for business that will be costly to you because business always passes costs on to customers.

Tom Udall, totally supportive of this plan, will come out with all kinds of press releases about doing what the people want. In the interest of good reporting, we would like to suggest that the public is NOT totally behind this Climate Change/Global Warming Parade.

According to a new Gallup poll, Americans are mixed on the idea of Climate Change/Global Warming:

You have 39% of Americans who are “Concerned Believers”. They accept that there is global warming or climate change and that human actions contribute and that government should step up to remediate it.

You have 25% of Americans who are “Cool Skeptics”. They believe the entire idea of global warming is hogwash.

You have a remaining 36% of Americans who are “Mixed Middle”. They either don’t care, don’t care to read and form an opinion, or would rather watch football and let politicians think for them and do whatever they want to do regardless of what it costs and the disruption it will cause.

So, when we look at the numbers it is clear that the majority of Americans do not support a Federal government turning their lives upside down. Why wold we want the Federal government to try to change weather when they can’t run the V.A., can’t get a Website going, and can’t do anything about unemployment?

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