Here We Go Again: The U.N. is After Your Right to Defend Yourself

 Posted:  September 26, 2014

We have seen legislation in California that proposes the same thing. This is a new twist with the United Nations trying to use their position to control what happens in a sovereign United States.

We haven’t heard Tom Udall say much aboutthis, but he will vote with the United Nations because he is, above all, a New World Order kind of guy who wants to make everyone equal in all ways. He wants to take American’s money and pass it out over the globe so everyone will feel better about themselves. After all, quilt is a very powerful motivating tool for the masses.

Socialism and Communism have failed wherever they have been tried, but Tom Udall insists on trying and trying and trying.

All we have to do is yield ourselves to the collective will of the United Nations, a one world currency, one world bankers, a one world police force and we will be very content – just like mice in a very powerful cage.

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