Here We Go Again: When Are Taxpayers Going on the Endangered Species Act?

 Posted:  July 30, 2014

Just when you thought you have heard enough of prairie chickens, sage grouses, meadow jumping mice, we have another little fish moving onto the endangered species list which will have an effect on New Mexico in particular since the fish is a New Mexico citizen, though it doesn’t vote yet – that is next year.

Some of the other characters mentioned affect ranchers, oil drillers, farmers, and people who like to camp out and enjoy nature in New Mexico, We aren’t sure how this new listing on the ES List will affect people in your area but we are sure there will be impact.

We don’t know how Tom Udall will take this new action by his big government team, but we are sure he will like it just fine. He also liked the silvery minnow and has devoted time to buying water to pump into the Rio Grande to save habitat all the while talking how drought is a special priority of his.

There are times we wish we taxpayers were part of his Endangered Species List.

Maybe then we would really get more attention instead of just being viewing as one of Tom Udall’s ATM machines for his own special wildlife projects at our expense.

Where the list will end, only God knows.

We know environmentalists are keeping track on their scorecards, however.

Many of them don’t believe in God, as such, but they know that good works will get them to heaven.

Could it just be that Mother Nature has just decided that the sucker fish needs to be recalled?

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