Here’s an Issue That Tom Udall Has Helped Create but Won’t Talk About

 Posted:  October 8, 2014

The linked article below from Wall Street on Parade is very interesting. Here is what it has to say:

“As much as 40% of U.S. stock trading in the U.S. may now be occurring off public stock exchanges. These five firms (Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan/Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley) account for a good chuck of their own “dark pool” which functions as an unregulated stock exchange/s that do not make bids ands offers on stocks traded publicly …”

We really don’t know what happens on the stock exchange because it is unregulated, is propped up by Congress and the Federal Reserve, and these firms are, as we know, “too big too fail”.

Tom Udall’s relationship with all of these is covered on this Website and it is suggested you type his name and the five firms in this article and read what comes up.

The incestuous relationship between Congress, Wall Street, Big Business, the military and the Federal Reserve is well covered on this Website.

Just a note of caution – Tom Udall is no choir boy.

Full article here >>>.

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