Here’s What Tom Udall Just Voted For in Congress!

 Posted:  September 20, 2014

Do you Agree with his Vote?

The headline of the linked article below reads:

“Senate approves Obama request to arm, train, Syrian rebels.”

This atrocious bill did other things too:

  1. Authorize a $1 Trillion spending bill to keep the government running beyond October 1st.

  2. Gives Obama new authority to battle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

  3. Spend $88 million to combat the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

  4. Spend $64 million on the Department of Vet Affairs.

  5. Spend $6 million on supplemental food programs.

  6. Extend the charter for the Export Import Bank thru 2015.

Here are some questions we have for Tom Udall:

  1. We left Iraq with boots on the ground so we now have to start the war over, over the same ground?

  2. Didn’t the United States oil purchases, at one time or the other, trained the Taliban, Al Qaida, and ISIS to fight for us against various dictators in the Middle East? These bad actors, have, in turn, become our enemies.

  3. Why do we want to train Syrian rebels to fight other Syrian rebels in someone else’s backyard?

  4. Do we even know who are our friends in this part of the world?

  5. How come we aren’t coming down on Saudi Arabia that has been implicated in the 9/11 attacks?

  6. Why do we not have debate about a $1 trillion spending package after all the fiscal negotiations in the past? Our debt continues to grow. Apparently both parties don’t even want to discuss the topic of debt?

  7. Why do we give money to combat Ebola and why, more importantly, do we send 3,000 U.S.
    troops in harms way to fight Ebola instead of protecting our borders?

  8. Does the VA need more money or different management?

  9. $6 million isn’t much money for supplemental food programs. It is at least better spent on the poor than bombing sites in the Middle East and training rebels to fight and providing them with the latest technology to use against us.

  10. The Export Import Bank is CRONY CAPITALISM at its finest. Doesn’t either party have the guts to tackle this issue other than just prolonging the agony?

Tom Udall voted for this bill, while holding his nose. We have another posting coming that covers his inadequate response to the bill.

Instead of voting for a terrible bill like this, where a lot of controversial is grouped on and voted on for cover, the proper vote would have to voted No, wait for another version of the bill to be formed.

Voting “yes” for this bill, and then complaining against it, is just unconscionable.

Full article here >>>.

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