Hi Elitist Tom Udall: This is Why We Are Angry at You

 Posted:  July 13, 2014

The linked article below was written after the Fourth of July by a woman, K.T. McFarland, who described a Fourth of July party at her home. It is really a brilliant statement of fact, a putting your finger on the problem. She summarizes the political season and the frustration of people outside Washington D.C.

” It’s about Washington’s failure to protect our borders, about Washington’s corruption and collusion with special interests. It’s about arrogant, all powerful government officials who answer to no one, and act enraged when anyone does question them. It’s about a Washington elite that has turned the Declaration of Independence on its head and behaves as if the only rights Americans have are the ones they bestow on us. It’s about a pervasive attitude that America works to keep elites in power, instead of Washington working for us …”

“We are governed by elites, some of them second and third generation elites, who have decided that the rest of us aren’t smart enough to govern ourselves … They know what’s best for us …”

“We’re seeing the stirrings of a movement against Washington’s governing elite, an increasingly angry reaction to their abuse of power … You see it in opinion poll after opinion poll. The majority think their children’s lives will not be as good as theirs. Nearly half of Americans are no longer proud of their country. Politicians have become despised …”

You, Tom Udall, are an elitist. You are also a man who votes for the rich and powerful and campaigns as if you were helping the middle class. You are a man who passes out freebies to people who ask for them and have no problem voting for the big expensive unaccountable government programs that fall apart and bleed corruption and collusion. You speak about being for the little guy while taking money from all the corporations and rich guys you can find.

This campaign season you will demonize the opposing party and run as a populist wearing your Levis and cowboy hat on TV when you have shut down ranching in southern New Mexico and voted for a Farm Bill that helps big agribusiness and hurts small New Mexico farmers.

It is hoped that New Mexico voters finally understand how little you vote for their interests.

It is really hoped that they realize that you are not what you say you are and you don’t even have a problem fabricating falsehoods to run on.

The proof is in your votes, who gives you money, who you vote with, and how partisan and unaccountable you are.

Full article here >>>.

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