Hi New Mexico: Welcome to Detroit: Welcome to Utopia, United States

 Posted:  October 22, 2014

There is a new documentary out and the linked article below talks about it. The documentary, by Joel Gilbert, is titled “Utopia – What happens to cities under progressives”.

Since New Mexico’s Congressional delegation, save one, are progressives, this should be an instructive film to let you know how cities in the U.S. are faring under progressive politicians. The cities like Detroit, Chicago, Newark have been run by progressive Democrats for fifty years and there are reasons progressive policies destroy cities and communities. Since New Mexico, as a state, has been run by Democrats for fifty years too it is not surprising that we are dependent, economically feeble, and still in diapers.

The documentary shows what is bad about amnesty for black Americans, why Democrats think dependence on government is a good thing, and how Islam is moving into destroyed cities to convert from ready recruits. The documentary shows free speech in this country on the run from political correctness and the realization by black voters that Obama lied about helping them.

You can order the film using the link in the article.

These days there is plenty of good information out there. You won’t find it in your local newspapers because they like to run stories about problems and then endorse the politicians who created the problems.

Some of us don’t care to live in Utopia because to create it means someone will take stuff we worked our entire lives to build.

Full article here >>>.

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