Hispanics Are Not All That Happy With Democrats in General and Obama/Udall in Particular

 Posted:  October 21, 2014

We lump Tom Udall with Barack Obama because there isn’t even enough space between their ideology, voting habits, statements on issues, to insert a piece of paper. Tom Udall and Barack Obama voice the same mantra, attend the same schoolhouse, speak the same language.

However, recent polls of Hispanics show their liking for Obama is noticeably less than the last time ago. Last time they voted for Obama at 71%. Now, polls show they like the POTUS in the 44% range and dropping.

Tom Udall, Barack Obama and Harry Reid had a window of opportunity to deal with their goal to make more illegals legal and secure their political positions for eternity when the Democrats had the House, Senate and White House. Instead, they gave us ObamaCare. We think even amnesty would have been better than ObamaCare.

Nevertheless, issues that the Dems hold dear – gun control, environmentalism, absolute right to abortions any time day or night, have not resonated in an economy where jobs are scarce, money is tight, and things just keep costing more.

Tom Udall can only run on campaign reform, class envy, and some kind of deranged populism where he dresses poor and still can’t hide his own money, privilege, and status.

It is okay for Hispanics to doubt the Dems.

Tom seems to be on another planet to us. He isn’t even talking about things the voters care about like the economy, Ebola, terrorism, taxes, ISIS.

When was the last time Tom Udall talked about things relevant today? We know he was Attorney General and did some stuff about DWI, but that was decades ago.

Maybe the idea of letting illegals come across and take jobs and services from citizens doesn’t appeal to the Hispanics anymore?

Maybe voters will think more before they vote this time around and vote their discontent. We know what voting for hope and change gets you.

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