HispanoNewMexico.com Says it All About Tom Udall’s Land Grabs

 Posted:  June 20, 2014

This short article (linked below) on a New Mexico Website just re-iterates what DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com has been saying from the beginning.

Tom Udall does not represent New Mexico in the least. His acquisition of New Mexico land for the Federal government and his environmentalist supporters is contributing to the poverty of our state now and the poverty of our state in the future. His motives come from a communistic view of land which believes that land should be owned by the national government and local citizens cannot manage resources in the best interest of all the inhabitants of the state.

Following the battle in southern New Mexico for ten years it is clear that the people who live in southern New Mexico did not want to give up their rights to use the land taken by Tom Udall. They battled he and Martin Henrich to the very end, and, in the end, a man sitting in the White House did what Tom Udall couldn’t do himself. With the stroke of a pen, Obama took half a million acres of land from all New Mexicans forever. Whatever might become of the land we will never know. It will follow the pattern set in Arizona and become a drug and illegal immigrant safe haven. The Federal government will manage it like they manage everything else – at a deficit and at their own leisure.

The article is passionate and on target. We all know Tom Udall fails New Mexico on many levels.

Take a passionate and complete look at what Tom Udall has been doing over his years in power. What he does and says are two different things.

The bottom line is that Tom Udall listens hardest to those who line his pockets. Look at all his pleas for money on the internet and you will understand that he is a most acquisitive man. He doesn’t want just a little, he wants everything.

Full article here >>>.

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