Hold on Tom Udall: The Ice is Not Melting!

 Posted:  September 16, 2014

Tom Udall is from New Mexico and we don’t have a lot of snow and ice but our representative is an expert on global warming, climate change, polar bears and ice. In fact, as an environmentalist (his statement, not ours), we expect him to be putting on his parka and doing daily snow mobile trips to the edge of the Antarctic Ocean to see where the ice is.

The linked article below does his job for him and we expect he hasn’t been paying much attention to climate since trying to take away free speech from his opponents and from challengers to his elected office.

Apparently, the sea ice in the Antarctic Ocean has been growing leaps and bounds.

If you go to the Climate/Environment battleground issues section of this Website you will find that there has been no warming in the last fifteen years.

Therefore, of you vote for Tom Udall ONLY because you believe in climate change, you might want to rethink your position and his.

Science changes all the time and climate moves from hot to cold all the time. We know Tom Udall wants to regulate the world so the temperature is locked in at 70 degrees twenty four seven, but that is impossible and impractical to all be he.

Don’t let climate change buffalo you – just roll with it but don’t let big government, big environmental politicians tell you things that aren’t true just to get your vote.

Full article here >>>.

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