How do You Think About Wealth?

 Posted:  November 2, 2014

This video above has been on this Website for a while and it does a great job of summing up the current class envy tactics of Tom Udall.

To a progressive like Tom Udall who has never created a business, created a job, figured up operating costs, had to borrow money to start something, wealth is a fixed thing. If one person has too much money it means he has stolen it from you or your neighbors. He doesn’t deserve his money because he got it through dishonest methods and he has to share. The government is the vehicle Tom Udall uses to get you back what you think someone stole from you because they don’t need it all anyway.

To a conservative like Allen Weh, wealth expands and contracts and when you start a business you aren’t taking something away from people. You are providing services they need at a cost they want to pay and along the way you are creating wealth that never would have existed if you hadn’t taken a risk. As a creator of economic activity you have a right to keep more of what you make and if you have it you can spend it any way you like.

Bill Whittle does a great job explaining why how someone thinks about wealth determines how he votes.

How do you feel about wealth?

Do people make money by tasking risks, working hard, sacrificing, planning, and building something for the future? Do people make money by stealing from others?

Tom Udall talks about creating jobs but when you vote for big government that stifles the job creators, it is clear that jobs will not result. Shouldn’t we be focused on making the conditions right for business to start businesses and start hiring people? Why do we continue to try to make people even when we need to celebrate their differences and urge all to develop those skills they have?

AsK Tom Udall. He, like his friend and accomplice Hillary Clinton, don’t believe that businesses create jobs. The government is the only institution that can create jobs.

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