How Many Rights Have Americans Really Lost?

 Posted:  July 10, 2014

There is much effort spent on the Website to document the loss of Constitutional freedoms. The Constitution was written to protect individuals from government and this article, linked below, explains in great detail how each of the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments) is faring these days.

The article has numerous links that may be followed for extra information on all the points it makes. If you click on the blue highlighted words you will be taken to information that confirms general statements made throughout the post.

It should be noted that Tom Udall has made many votes that undermine the Bill of Rights. If you visit the the “Benchmark Votes” section on the Website, you will find votes that go contrary to the Constitution and infringe on your rights as an American. Tom Udall has recently sponsored a Constitutional Amendment that would directly give Congress and states control over who you can give political money to and who you can’t. The Constitution directly states that that is something Congress cannot do. Tom Udall has voted for indefinite detention of American citizens in the NDAA Authorization Act of 2014 and also has voted to support the use of drones used in killing people. He has voted for ObamaCare which forces you to buy a product and be fined if you don’t. He has also written a letter to the IRS asking that political organizations that do not always agree with him be given extra scrutiny.

Regardless of your political party or ideology, when the Federal government moves against the Bill of Rights you should be concerned. As one of the items in this post mentions, even criticizing the Federal government could be enough to bring consequences and get you listed as a terrorist.

Speaking our minds is guaranteed by the First Amendment.

With the punishing of whistleblowers, the demonetization of Eric Snowden and Julian Assuage, the limiting of where people can congregate to protest their government, the rampant spying on individual citizens as well as governments, the militarization of local police departments, we are seeing an erosion of our freedoms.

Tom Udall is no choirboy. He has voted for a number of bills that limit your protection from an overzealous Federal government and infringe on what you can do with your personal property.

As always, don’t listen to what Tom Udall says – but watch what he does very very carefully.

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