How Much Does it Cost to Win an Election?

 Posted:  May 17, 2014

Tom Udall has raised some five million dollars for his latest re-election campaign. His two challengers have raised $500,000 (Allen Weh) and $40,000 (Dave Clements). The inescapable question one might have in looking at these numbers is “How does a challenger ever win re-election?”

In a business that demands media coverage, expensive consultants and staff, the incumbents have a distinct dramatic advantage. They have all the money, all the staff, all the advertizing, all the name recognition and free publicity, all the earmarks, all the constituent favors.

Tom Udall runs on campaign reform, runs on keeping money out of politics. It would be a good thing if he starts with himself. In the interest of “fairness” he should donate half of his war chest to his opponents. Pulling money for his campaign from out of state donors, big corporations, unions, and, of course, lawyers, Tom Udall has been around the block.

It looks more and more like citizens really don’t have a choice who represents them. Tom Udall represents his big donors. Big time Republicans represent their donors.

The real question is … who Represents the rest of us?

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