How Political Parties Can Now Win Even Though They Ignore Moderates

 Posted:  October 13, 2014

There has been a lot of hot air about how there is no co-operation in Congress, no working across the aisle, no coming to a consensus that politicians of opposing views can sell to their constituents.

It is now apparent that Democrats, and Republicans to a lesser extent, are using technology to get themselves elected without even needing moderates to win.

If you are an independent, you might wonder why both parties fail to satisfy your urge to play your game around the fifty yard line?

If you are Republican you might wonder how Obama, a particularly progressive liberal candidate could get himself elected?

If you are a moderate New Mexican ,who doesn’t have much use for the big city back room deals of Harry Reid or Tom Udall, you might wonder how Tom Udall got elected with 61% of the vote last time?

The linked article is a rather detailed analysis of Obama’s CATALIST. It is a system of running campaigns that means you don’t need to cater to the middle to get elected.

You can bet that Tom Udall is borrowing Obama’s playbook. Tom Udall got elected because he, like Obama, convinced voters they were getting a Cadillac instead of a Corvair.

Tom Udall isn’t going to be leaving Obama any time soon. Without Obama to lay out the progressive plan, Tom Udall would be lost. He is a good progressive Democrat soldier who votes party line nearly all the time.

Tom Udall never co-operates but he always acts like he does. He should get an Oscar for his performances of the past six years.

Full article here >>>.

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