How Tom Udall’s Silence Has Hurt the Country

 Posted:  October 30, 2014

Much has been made of Tom Udall’s campaign reform crusade. That idea ,which is mostly a fundraising gimmick, never had a chance to succeed because it was an attack on free speech and a technique for giving Democrats a way to shove legislation down the throats of men who were elected to oppose it.

Little has been made of the fact that Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, has held up legislation from the House to make sure that Democrats don’t have to make troublesome votes on bills that might hurt their re-election choices.

Tom Udall, the Senate’s most liberal member, hasn’t said a word. He hasn’t gone to Harry Reid and said that there were a few bills in Harry’s bottom drawer that might have helped the economy, might have improved ObamaCare, might make some sense in these troubled times.

Tom Udall has set through meeting after meeting and said nothing. He has adopted a go along to get along mentality that gets him a few committee assignments and some plum assignments dealing with Indian affairs that can make him seem important at home.

The linked article below discusses a true American goat – Harry Reid – who shuts down the legislative process.

Next time Tom Udall talks about “obstructionism” ask him why he votes with his party over 94% of the time. Ask him about the hundreds of bills that Harry Reid has tabled and not even brought to the floor for consideration.

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