How Your Representatives Voted Last Week

 Posted:  September 16, 2014

In the Albuquerque Journal, once a week, they print a short revue of some of the votes that New Mexico representatives to Congress make for the week. When elected politicians go to Washington they make decisions that affect more than New Mexico and their votes are significant. In New Mexico the delegation votes as a block, by party line. There is no room for waver, no room for individual choice, no room for anything but the official party line.

The last weeks votes are summarized and you are encouraged to read them for yourself.

Significantly, Michelle Lujan-Grisham, Ben Ray Lujan (related to Michelle), voted not to delay the start of ObamaCare for small group insurance plans. The Republican majority wanted to delay the start of ObamaCare for small business because ObamaCare is a major cause of job loss, the switching of business to hiring part time instead of full time employees, and the hesitation of businesses to hire workers that would make them fall into the ACA umbrella. ObamaCare has been delayed many times by Obama without Congressional input but this was a case where Congress wanted to help the employment market. When Michelle Lujan-Grisham or Ben Ray Lujan talk about jobs they are just moving their lips. The only jobs they care about are government jobs or public private partnerships where they get to set up their cronies in cushy situations.

There was also a vote where the House Republicans wanted to condemn Obama for negotiating the Taliban trade which is now old history. This was a case where a written law was violated by Obama (see the Military Battleground issues arena on this Website). Michelle Lujan-Grisham and Ben Ray Lujan both ignored the law and just said their guy can do anything he wants because he is a Commander in Chief.

There was the vote by Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich for the “INCUMBENT PROTECTION ACT” also known as the Constitutional Amendment for Campaign Finance. There has been much written about this and even the ACLU publicly decried this attempt to change the Constitution as serious folly. With the two wild cards we have in the Senate, no one is safe.

It was just a quiet week and back home in New Mexico Tom Udall and cronies ran no ads about their votes for the week, preferred to talk about other things. We aren’t sure they are hiding form their votes, but it just seems like they would rather we just think they don’t do anything important in Washington except help constituents and wave the flag for the Executive Branch.

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