If Plants Have Feelings, Don’t You Think a Baby in the Womb Might Too?

 Posted:  October 28, 2014

The linked article below from modernfarmer.com discusses a scientific experiment where researchers determined that plants can tell when one of their leaves is pulled off and they don’t like it. The plant, when attacked, starts to take measures to heal itself, protect itself.

The research illustrates that in the future it might be possible to use other technology to communicate with the plant. Maybe the plant will produce more if it hears music? Maybe a massage therapist could work wonders with the leaves – just kidding!

After reading the story, it reminds that babies in the womb feel things too.

Maybe there needs to be more research done on just exactly what an abortion does to an unborn human being, and to the mother who has carried it, and just decides that it is not worth carrying anymore because it is too expensive, too much trouble, inconvenient, or poops in its diapers?

Full article here >>>.

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