If You Like Your Plan, You CAN’T Keep It!

 Posted:  October 5, 2014

The video in the linked post below is a replay of Obama and Tom Udall’s biggest whopper that you can keep your health insurance plan if you like it.

One of those to lose their plan was Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation, a New Mexico think tank that follows these kind of big government lies. His Website, Errors of Enchantment, has plenty of red meat for those who realize that freedom, truly free markets, and individual freedom are worth fighting for and voting for.

When we are told a fib, we hold the fibber accountable.

Do you let your child tell you a fib and get away with it?

Do you let an employee lie to your face and then deny it when challenged?

Here, at DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com, we want accountability.

When Tom Udall fabricates, we just call it what it is – a baldfaced lie.

We never vote for someone who doesn’t tell the truth every time out.

Full article here >>>.

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