Illegal/Legal Immigrants Are Taking Jobs From Native Born Americans Since 2000

 Posted:  June 28, 2014

A report just released by the Center for Immigration Studies found that contrary to claims that America needs new workers, since 2000 all of the net jobs added by the U.S. economy have gone to immigrants, both legal and illegal. The report challenges Tom Udall’s repeated claims that we need to fix a broken immigration system and make things right for families who come here for a better life.

The problem Tom Udall doesn’t accept is that America doesn’t need any more workers. The huge number of immigrants are taking lower, middle and high end jobs and squeezing out native born Americans who do want to work. The immigrants provide competition and not only take jobs but drive down wages in communities where they live.

The Senate bill which Tom Udall has bought into not only wants to legalize the 11.5 million illegal visitors to our country but also wants to expand legal workers. When your son or daughter loses a job to someone who is not a U.S. citizen you might ask Tom Udall what he was thinking? When illegal students get to go to college at taxpayer expense and take jobs that your son or daughter are going for, ask yourself why you had to pay for your child’s education and also the education for the children of illegals in this country?

The hardest hit groups of Americans hurt by this influx of legal and illegal immigrants are native born young and native born minorities.

Tom Udall supports immigration reform which means he supports the loss of U.S. jobs that could be filled by citizens already living here.

The only question that repeatedly comes up is “Who does Tom Udall represent?”

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