In Al Frankens Minnesota the U.S. Government is Sending Recruits Back to ISIS

 Posted:  September 4, 2014

New Mexico isn’t far behind.

We don’t make these things up. We just pass them along to you to think about, verify, and act upon if you feel so inclined.

The two linked articles talk about a U.S. Government sponsored taxpayer funded program called the Refugee Resettlement Program. One of the programs in Minnesota sent two Americans from their Refugee program (they were from Somalia) who fought for ISIS and got killed. The other linked article is about the same program in New Mexico.

Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich don’t have problems with these programs that are also helped by the Catholic Charities groups in Minnesota and New Mexico.

We have compassion at this Website but we also have common sense.

Why are we using tax dollars to train fighters for ISIS, let refugees from around the world go to mosques in the U.S., get radicalized, and then pursue a Holy War around the world as well as in the U.S.?

Come on Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich – get your heads screwed on right …

Full article here >>>.

Second article here >>>.

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