In Case You Didn’t Notice, the Tea Party Doesn’t Like Wall Street Either

 Posted:  June 12, 2014

The other day the Tea Party, much maligned, took down an establishment fixture, Eric Cantor of the 7th district, in Virginia. Mr. Cantor has been around Washington some 14 years and is an insider in establishment Republican power circles. His removal should send shock waves to the rest of his peers who are guilty, just like insider Democrats, of supporting crony capitalism.

The fight continues in Mississippi and across the country as Tea Party groups try to change the Washington culture that lets big government, big business, Wall Street, big banks, insurance companies all continue passing legislation that sends us towards a place where the rich get richer and we all continue to pay.

The results of this primary election remind us that in our Constitutional Republic, voters, of either party, can make a change.

Tea Party people, much chastised and condemned by the state run media, are on the right track. They are trying hard to get representatives in Congress that represent them, not the moneyed interests. It is a slow, one Congressman taken off the board at a time, kind of thing.

What one wonders is when the Democrats will start to realize that the crony capitalists in their party need to be removed too? When are New Mexico Democrats going to accept that Tom Udall is a crony capitalist just like Eric Cantor? When are they going to wake up to the fact that he votes for big business, big banks, big insurance companies, Wall Street? When are New Mexico Democrats going to realize that the progressive candidates they keep sending back to Congress are not what they say they are?

Corruption and Crony Capitalism are in both parties, no doubt about it.

What is encouraging about this election is that things can change and small money can beat big money, voters can decide enough is enough and vote for a change, and that the high and mighty can be be knocked out of office in an instant.

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