In Case You Forget, the Republicans Aren’t What They Say They Are Either

 Posted:  June 28, 2014

Tom Udall has drawn a lot of fire from this Website. It is totally deserved and unrepentant. Elected officials of both parties need to be scrutinized, questions need to be asked, and conclusions need to be made by voters who actually care about their freedom.

The scope of is to profile Tom Udall. It is a complete documentary of his political ideology, votes, statements, and outright distortions of truth. It is a library of information on issues that most voters are aware of, or should be.

The linked article below from Infowars lets loose against the Republican Party. We are equal opportunity critics here. We don’t find much to like about the past and current Republican Party either. They, like Tom Udall, have their own distortions of truth and must be watched carefully too. George W. Bush was the most liberal Republican President we have ever had and did disastrous things to American freedoms and economic prosperity.

Once you erase what Republicans say, they are not living up to their principles either.

This article describes ten areas where Republicans talk one story and walk another story. Like Tom Udall, they blow their own horn, wave their flags, talk about great ideas, but then, in the privacy of their chambers, vote for laws that do the opposite of what they say.

Look at these issues:

  1. education
  2. welfare state
  3. social security
  4. national security
  5. warfare state
  6. foreign aid
  7. drug war
  8. health care
  9. freedom of speech
  10. government spending

You will find Republicans and Democrats consistently signing on to the same sides of these issues. In a truly representative Constitutional Republic you wouldn’t expect to find the overwhelming support of both parties for disastrous legislation. The polls show Americans deeply divided on most issues. No where do you find the overwhelming support for laws that are being passed by both parties.

“The entire party (Republican) is dedicated to the welfare/national security/nanny/police state; economic fascism, the U.S. empire; foreign wars and a reckless belligerent meddling American exceptionalism foreign policy, and a war on individual liberty and private property known as the war on drugs …”

So, when you go to vote, don’t automatically figure that the Republican Party stands for what they say they stand for, just like you don’t figure that Tom Udall stands for what he says he stands for.

Tom Udall needs to be questioned about his votes and his political agenda, but so does his opponent.

That is our jobs as voters and citizens.

We are losing our freedoms because we are all sending representatives to Congress who do not follow the simple rules of the Constitution. They are making things up as they go.

Full article here >>>.

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