In Detroit the United Nations is Going to Pay Water Bills

 Posted:  July 4, 2014

We have wrought a really good down to earth entitlement mentality.

All over the country people pay their bills, on time, or suffer the consequences. If you don’t pay your water bills, eventually the water gets shut off. There isn’t much to argue about here. But, in Detroit, a once proud manufacturing and industrial powerhouse and home of the Detroit Pistons and other sports dynasties, citizens have gotten lazy. Now, they want the government to take care of all their responsibilities and have even gone to the United Nations – another bankrupt New York tenant that doesn’t pay it’s bills either.

Where and when did the country finally begin to slide into the state of mind that bills are not your responsibility? It is hard to pinpoint the moment. When did the United Nations become an organization that people in the U.S. felt compelled to go to to pick up the tab for their water bills? It is hard to pinpoint the moment.

Now, however, it has arrived. A city, totally sabotaged by sixty years of one party political rule, is now over the cliff.

I don’t know who is going to pay the bill but I fear the federal government will step in and bailout the city using borrowed dollars and taxpayer dollars.

If this isn’t symbolic of the beginning of the end, I don’t know what is.

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