In Lieu of Anything to Run On, the Koch Brothers Are the Demon

 Posted:  July 19, 2014

The first linked article below appeared in yesterday’s Albuquerque Journal and it shows the total dereliction of journalistic duty for New Mexico’s largest newspaper to publish this as featured commentary. There are plenty more articulate knowledgable articles on the Koch Brothers around and lots of them have been written in the Huffington Post or Salon, for example. The Journal could have found much better articles to highlight the pros and cons of the Koch Brothers.

The fact remains that the brothers who have a lot of money, haven’t been breaking any environmental laws, pay good wages to their employees, and actually hire Americans in a severe economic downturn. As Americans they have a right to spend their money any way they see fit and to suggest that they don’t have a right to do it is unconstitutional – as the Supreme Court decided recently.

This is the first paragraph of the article, probably the only paragraph most Journal readers will read.

“You can’t escape the Koch brothers. They’re everywhere. Underwriting efforts to decimate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Trying to get rid of aid to education, the EPA and minimum wage laws …”

In the sake of clarity, we Goggled a truth from fiction site, Politifact, to see if these statements were true. Politifact, by the way, is a left leaning fact-checker. We have included the links on this posting.

As expected, these most outrageous statements were all false.

So why did the Journal publish an article with so many outright falsehoods?

I guess entertainment is better than helping voters come to any real understanding of what is happening in this country.

The Koch brothers are something we hear about in our fan mail at

Tom Udall is running for office. Allen Weh is running for office. People can give them all the money in the world but your vote is yours.

Study the candidates. Decide what you want from them. Do your research so you aren’t fooled.

The Koch Brothers aren’t the problem with America.

The problems of America deal in our changing minds where it is okay to take from those who work to give to those who don’t, where it is okay to decide free speech isn’t really free, where it is okay to send kids to war in places they can’t even spell, and politicians in Washington D.C. rule through family dynasties for generations upon generations.

Shame on you Albuquerque Journal – we expect more from you. If we can Google Politifact – so can you.

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