Is it Frivolous to Want to Know What Tom Udall Did With the IRS in Investigating Political Opponents?

 Posted:  July 5, 2014

Senate candidate Allen Weh has been referenced in an article in the Albuquerque Journal bringing up Tom Udall’s involvement in the IRS scandal where Tom Udall was one of nine Senators to write and sign a letter to the IRS that ended up in conservative political groups being harassed, audited, and slowed down in their dissent. Not only did Tom Udall sign the letter and follow a targeted approach towards harassing 501c groups with others of his party, but he took campaign contributions from IRS labor unions. What is distressing is that Tom Udall doesn’t speak for himself. This is what his spokeswoman Jennifer Talhelm says:

“This complaint (ethics complaint filed in the Senate for Udall’s involvement in signing the letter) was a frivolous effort to politicize a serious issue.”

Well, it is a serious issue and one that Tom Udall tries to hide from. Groups like the Albuquerque Tea Party were targeted and suffered as a result of Tom Udall’s efforts. Apparently, Tom Udall and his spokesperson are going to hide behind the idea that any complaint against them is politically motivated and therefore baseless.

For those who aren’t following this:

  1. E-mails about the incident by IRS officials have mysteriously been lost.

  2. Lois Lerner, IRS big wig who was seriously involved in this serious issue, took the Fifth before a Congressional ongoing investigation and has since retired.

  3. There is a troubling collusion between Democrats who pursued this strategy of targeting conservative groups. There have been no instances of liberal progressive groups who were either investigated or held up in their applications for 501c status.

  4. There is a special investigation being pursued in the House of Representatives.

  5. The Justice department has, as usual, been stonewalling the investigation.

This is a serious issue to many out here in the fly by states. Tom Udall has a history of bad statements about political opponents, a troubling voting record that disregards concerns of New Mexican voters, and a history of stifling First Amendment Rights. Allen Weh is on the right track.

When is Tom Udall going to come out from behind his spokesperson’s baffling silly response to legitimate questions and talk about his involvement in this affair?

In politics, everything is politics. It all looks like Tom Udall is guilty of dirty politics. Of course Tom Udall is going to say that anyone who makes any criticism of him is just a political opponent and, by this fact alone, just telling baseless lies. Everyone knows that Tom Udall is not a politician and concerned about EVERY New Mexico voters regardless of the party they belong to. And, if you believe that, you have our pity.

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