Is New Mexico Ready For an Upset?

 Posted:  October 13, 2014

The linked article below gives four Senate races in the U.S. that might result in upsets with the incumbent sent to the bench.

New Mexico is one of the four races.

While the article notes that Tom Udall is reputed to have the win, it also says that his support is weakening and low voter turnout could change the dynamics of the race.

The bottom line for New Mexicans is to carefully do your voter diligence.

If you do not feel strongly for Udall, why vote for the career politician?

If you do not believe Tom Udall represents New Mexico, why not carefully consider the challenger?

There are numerous factual reasons not to vote for Tom Udall, so why encourage him when he fails to bring us a better economy and grows government and debt to rival ancient Rome?

We all know what happened to Rome when the august Senators lost the ability to make wise decisions to keep the empire functioning.

Tom Udall never misses a chance to vote for the rich and say he is for the middle class.

On your way to the stadium today, how would it feel to see Tom Udall in there with the lions instead of someone in blue coveralls?

Full article here >>>.

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