Is Raising the Minimum Wage a Substitute For a Strong Economic Policy?

 Posted:  September 15, 2014

The linked page below from Tom Udall’s propaganda site paid for by taxpayer dollars seems to indicate that raising the minimum wage in New Mexico will solve a host of problems.

At, we understand New Mexico’s dire economic situation with 20% of the state living at or below poverty levels, 500,000 living on food stamp assistance, a migrating population leaving the state, high high school drop out rates, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and gangs, and increasing problems dealing with illegals coming across our borders.

This is all standard for New Mexico and Tom Udall hasn’t addressed any of these problems in fifteen years in Washington except to try and throw money at it.

The problem here is that, like unfunded mandates, Tom Udall is trying to spend someone else’s money the way he thinks they need to spend it. He is not looking at unintended consequences. He believes that ALL you have to do is pass a law are solved. You think people need universal healthcare you pass a law and presto – it is done. No accountability needed No monitoring needed.

We had a little economic conference at

“I’m just going to charge the public more for their hamburgers.”, Fernando said.

“What if they won’t pay it and won’t come in anymore?”, Susan responded.

“I guess I would lay off employees to keep my costs down.”, Frank chipped in.

“I’m thinking I would just close down the business and invest in vending machines.”, Bubba said, “This is all too much like work.”

“I guess I could have managers making hamburgers but they have other things to do.”, Fernando mused.

The meeting went on a while and we all decided that trying to have a business in the U.S. was not worth it. We would just shut down and move overseas too.

The entire Congressional representation of New Mexico are all on board with spending someone else’s money. That is something they are all too good at.

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