Is Tom Udall Doing His Part to Help the New Mexico Economy?

 Posted:  October 16, 2014

You see the ads and would think Tom Udall is for jobs, has always been for jobs, works to bring jobs to New Mexico, and loves the private sector.

That folks, is what makes a politician.

These are some things that would help jump start the private sector in New Mexico:

  1. Change the tax structure.

  2. Make New Mexico a right to work state.

  3. Level utility expenses.

  4. Overhaul regulatory burdens and improve education.

Tom Udall is against right to work, wants to make electricity and utilities more expensive by increasing the amount generated by alternative energy, supports public schools/against school vouchers, passes ObamaCare and Dodd Frank that being new burdens to business, and pushes affirmative action and minimum wage laws that make it harder for people to get started in work.

Tom Udall is for government.

As the linked Albuquerque Journal article below emphasizes, New Mexico needs a vibrant private sector.

You aren’t going to get that with a big government politician like Tom Udall.

Full article here >>>.

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