Is Tom Udall Listening?

 Posted:  June 13, 2014

As mentioned in previous postings, Tom Udall is not one to step out on his own and make any non-scripted statements. That would be too unpolished, too dangerous, require too much creeping out on the limb. He prefers to confer with Chuck Schumer or Barbara Boxer and see what they want him to say before he makes his decision.

His opponent, Allen Weh, has already made tweets and press releases on the subject. There is plenty of material out there to work on. If you really want to be cautious you just take the usual position of an election year politician and say that “We are investigating it. It is a little too soon to be making judgments.”

Political Fireball made several tweets out to Tom Udall. They got no acknowledgement, which is really worse than even a bad answer. How hard is it to have a staff intern, who is unpaid, make a quick tweet that “It is a situation that is very fluid and we are closely monitoring it?”

Having social media is always fun, but not very useful if you don’t want to be social.

The take away, from is that Tom Udall doesn’t actually know how to tweet and, if he did, he would obviously reply to a constituency, especially a political blog that gives a damn about what one of its representatives is doing in Washington. We guess that Tom Udall might be getting golf lessons so he can play a few rounds with Barack.

Maybe he can figure out during the eighteen holes what was going on with the Taliban trade from the man who made it?

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