Is Your Candidate a Psychopath?

 Posted:  June 29, 2014

In this, the Atlantic article linked below, it is pointed out that psychopaths and politicians share certain characteristics. While it take a lot of problems to make a Hitler, psychopaths are among us and function in most occupations in society. Their heightened need for power and prestige often pushes them into politics where they can use operate freely, without fear.

These are some traits of politicians and psychopaths:

  1. Lack remorse or empathy
  2. Have sense of grandiosity
  3. Have superficial charm
  4. Exhibit manipulative behavior
  5. Refuse to accept responsibility for their actions

This is just another issue voters need to consider. Does your candidate admit that votes were not good ones? Does your candidate actually work with the opposing party? Does your candidate point the finger? Does your candidate talk about only one side of an issue? Does your candidate frequently say and do two opposite things? Does your candidate always have to be promoting what he or she does? Does your candidate show independence of thought or stick with the group? Does your candidate meet the public or hide behind staff?

It is hard to be sane in an insane world. It would be less insane if the people elected to represent us actually solving small problems instead of crafting SYMBOLIC meaga-bills that perpetuate and create more problems. We live with the unintended consequences of their actions every day. Too bad, we let them stay in power so long, let them screw up our lives so many times.

Full article here >>>.

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