Is Your Household Budget Like This One?

 Posted:  September 15, 2014

The linked article below has some good news wrapped in a bigger badder package.

Tax revenues in Fiscal Year 2014 hit a record through August of this year.

The bad news is that the Federal Government burned through all this money and still ran a deficit of half a trillion dollars. The bad news is that the largest part of these tax revenues came from individuals.

You thought that just raising taxes on business would make things okay, right? You thought that the politicians in Washington were trying to make you pay less taxes, right? You thought the government was going to set priorities and control spending with the new Budget Control Act of 2014, right?

Well, you are wrong on all counts. Dead wrong,

Washington and Tom Udall ONLY CARE about:

  1. Taking your money.
  2. Spending your money.
  3. Spending your money on their friends, causes, and agendas.

Full article here >>>.

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