ISIS is Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon

 Posted:  August 25, 2014

With thousands and thousands of gate crashers coming into New Mexico each year, it is surprising that someone wouldn’t ask a simple question, “Do they have tickets?”

The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, asks an even simpler question – “When are terrorists going to be crossing our borders in the confusion here, catch a lift into the U.S. bloodstream, and move everywhere to begin their revenge on America?”

ISIS has ties to Mexican drug cartels and staff at did a little brainstorming the other day on the immigration situation. One of the guys wrapped a towel around his head and played the part of Abdul, a young Arab terrorist with ISIS.

“I want to cross the border into America,” he said, trying to do his best with the accent. We just laughed at the towel around his head. He was wearing dark glasses and someone gave him a rifle from the gun cabinet.

“I can go to Albuquerque and get a cheap place. Maybe get food stamps and a place to stay.”

He looked at us and we nodded our heads.

“Then I find the rest of my cell group, we meet, we plan, then we blow something up. It will be so cool …”

What can you say. It is an easy plan. There is no one at the border to say no, no one to take your ticket. It us, as they say, easier going than a mosquito at a nudist colony.

We took away his gun and his towel but it didn’t make us feel better. If you can think it, it can be done.

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