Isn’t Six Years Enough Time For Tom Udall and Barack Obama to do Tax Reform?

 Posted:  August 31, 2014

Tom Udall has been in the Senate for six years and the House for a number of years before that. He has had plenty of time to reform taxes, plenty of time to lower the corporate tax rate on American business that causes them to re-locate overseas and take their money and jobs with them. They are not breaking any laws because Tom Udall voted yes on the legislation that lets them go and makes them stay away instead of coming home where they belong.

The linked article below by a national columnist explains how it is in the interest of both parties to tackle tax reform.

What has Tom Udall been waiting for?

Oh, we guess he has been promoting his campaign reform stuff that has been called the “Incumbency Protection Act”, has no chance of getting into law, and acts as a tool for raising a bunch of money for Democrat campaigns (how is that for reform?).

Voters will eventually need to decide whether they want to punish business or bring business home to provide jobs, stabilize communities, and pay taxes here instead of not at all?

Do you hate the idea of profit so bad that you will chase employers overseas?

The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world which puts our business people at a disadvantage in the global economy so loved by our politicians even though it doesn’t help most Americans who would benefit more from jobs in their backyard than cheap prices on goods made overseas.

What have you been doing on the economy, Tom Udall?

Increasing food stamps, promoting minimum wage, passing out taxpayer dollars to your favored industries, allowed illegal immigrants to move here and take jobs we would do doesn’t look like helping the economy to us.

Bring companies back home. We need to start making things again.

Full article here >>>.

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