Issues We Love But Tom Udall Can’t Run On

 Posted:  June 14, 2014

“The rich get richer and the poor get benefits. The middle class pays for it all.”

“At the core of the American’s anger and alienation is the belief that the American Dream is no longer attainable …”

This article below from the National Journal is readable and insightful. There are areas of consensus between the Independent, Republican and Democrat voters interviewed for the article about what they want to see. These areas of importance are as follows:

  1. Pull back from the rest of the world with a new inward focus.

  2. Go after big banks and other large financial institutions.

  3. Eliminate corporate welfare.

  4. Reduce special deals for the rich.

  5. Reduce the size of government.

We love these issues. Tom Udall would like to run on these issues but he is an imposter. Let’s run down some facts, well documented in this Website.

  1. Under the Bush Administration we got two wars supported by both Democrats and Republicans. We got the Patriot Act which Tom Udall did vote against. However, we got lots of surveillance and invasions of privacy that he did vote for (the NDAA OF 2012 AND 2014). Under the Obama Administration we got bombings in Libya, threats of bombings in Syria, Bengazi and the murder of an American Ambassador, Fast and Furious government gun running in Mexico, U.S. spying on Americans and foreign leaders and justifying it under the glorious name of “terrorism”> Tom Udall has set back and been a cheerleader for the current administration and a bulldog against the previous administration. They both followed the same policies so we wonder where Tom really stands?

  2. The Bush Administration licked the boots of banks and financial institutions. That administration was flush with Wall Street double dippers and never found a way not to help the money men behind their policies. When the Obama Administration swept into office they had a complete majority for several years – the Presidency and both branches of Congress. They not only didn’t clean up the Wall Street mess. The DOJ decided the banks were not only too big to fail but too big to investigate. The Democrats took even more money from Wall Street, banks and big corporations than the Republicans did. Tom Udall has received plenty of money from Goldman Sachs, plenty of money from health care providers and insurance companies that benefit from ObamaCare, and plenty of money from lawyers who make money every time any law is passed in Congress.

  3. Corporate welfare has never been happier than in Tom Udall’s time in office. If you look at the money he gets on each vote he makes on bills under his consideration you see that he is
    very content to take money from corporations and vote to let the big guys have their way. He talks about net neutrality but votes for a chairman who just ruled that little guys on the Internet have to pay bigger boys to play in the pond. Tom Udall voted to give Clinton authority to negotiate the infamous NAFTA which was the event that sent U.S. companies overseas for bigger markets, cheaper labor, and bigger profits that stayed over there.

  4. Reducing the special deals for the rich is a more complicated issue, but not much. The biggest advantage the rich have is credit, access to money. Tom Udall applauds the pro Wall Street, pro loose money policies of the Federal Reserve that cheapens our money, devalues your savings account, and creates inflation. The fact that banks can borrow newly printed money from the Fed for less than a percent, then maybe loan it out for four or five percent will make you think. When you realize that they are not loaning it out because they are putting it in the stock market to try and make ten to fifteen percent makes your blood boil. Tom Udall voted for the repeal of Glass Stegall that helped let banks become casino gamblers. Ask him about that vote.

  5. Reducing government is high on our list but low on Tom Udall’s list. He is a big time advocate of increasing government, increasing government activities and regulation, increasing the things government has to do without ever questioning whether government should do them. Government is very wasteful and very costly. Government has no competition and has no incentive to do anything but maintain its existence.

We like these areas as issues. Funny thing is that Tom Udall will try to campaign on them even though he has voted against these issues his whole career. Funny also, that voters will believe him because they find it easier to believe than question. That, Virginia, is a crying shame.

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