It Looks Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

 Posted:  October 10, 2014

We are now accustomed to lost E-mails. Lois Lerner lost some important E-mails involving the IRS twisting the screws on tea party groups – one of Tom Udall’s favorite pastimes.

Now, according to the Washington Times, it looks like similar stuff is happening with the EPA, also one of Tom Udall’s other favorite agencies.

It seems that you need to have all your documents when you go to court with the EPA or IRS because they have a lot of well paid lawyers at taxpayer expense to make sure you are intimidated and put in your place.

However, it seems that they just can’t put their finger on important documents, E-mails, phone calls related to their jobs.

Gina McCarthy, head of the EPA (voted for and approved by Tom Udall), has a real passion for shutting down the coal industry. A think tank filed for a release of information from her records to research just how intense her hate was for the coal industry and how much she was staying within the law. It is amazing how we have to keep track of government misconduct because they sure aren’t policing themselves.

It seems she can’t find the information they are requesting and in typical administrator fashion is claiming she doesn’t have to keep those files anyway.

For an administration that is supposed to be transparent, it sure seems like a lot of hiding going on.

By the way, has anyone requested Tom Udall’s E-mails regarding the IRS scandal and his letter to the IRS to target Tea Party Groups? That would be interesting reading for New Mexicans.

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