It Takes a Progressive to Know a Progressive: Tom Udall Makes the Grade!

 Posted:  June 8, 2014

When you see television ads, or hear radio spots, make sure you realize that Tom Udall is not a moderate, not a hands-across-the aisle kind of guy. Progressive Punch has put out a list of all fifty Senators in Congress and ranked them according to their allegiance to the Progressive code.

Tom Udall is number 21 on the list and even though he is 21, his lifetime Progressive score is over 90% and within a few percentage points of the top scorers on the list.

If you don’t know what a Progressive is it might be good to do a little research before you go vote.

The interesting thing about this article is that it also ranks Tom Udall and other Senators on fourteen other categories so you can see if he really is as Progressive as you want him to be.

For those of us who don’t care for the Progressive agenda, this chart is enough to make us not vote for Tom Udall.

Don’t let the ads fool you. Politicians are good at fooling people. They are good at distraction and deflection.

Tom Udall is a Progressive, through and through. His peers, who know one of their own, have voted him a Progressive, and voted him a Very Good Progressive.

The question remains: Are you a progressive and does Tom Udall represent you?

Full article here >>>.

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